A Definitive Guide to Wooden Flooring


A Scandinavian Love Affair

The world over seems to have fallen in love with the simple and relaxed approach to design that is the ‘Scandinavian Aesthetic’. Characterised by the perfect union of crisp white walls, timber accents, clean lines and organic shapes; Scandinavian decor is an Ode to Nature and Functionality. Focusing on maximising natural light and minimising clutter, spaces are… Read more »


Great Design Starts With the Right Timber Floor

We believe great design starts from the ground up and creating beautiful timber floors is what we’re all about. Drawing on our experience, vision and creativity to assist in the making of beautiful interiors, great design begins with Austral Flooring.  


The Art of White

Pale and neutral but far from boring, white wooden floors are a popular choice amongst the design inspired for their unique ability to add a light; bright and contemporary feel to any space.


Go Green with Austral Floorings’ Whittle Waxes & Treatex Range

Designed to enhance the natural beauty of timber, Whittle Waxes and Treatex non-toxic, eco-friendly finishes are extremely durable, safe to apply and easy to maintain or repair.