The world over seems to have fallen in love with the simple and relaxed approach to design that is the ‘Scandinavian Aesthetic’.

Characterised by the perfect union of crisp white walls, timber accents, clean lines and organic shapes; Scandinavian decor is an Ode to Nature and Functionality. Focusing on maximising natural light and minimising clutter, spaces are not only light, airy and bright but also warm, charming, inviting and just down right easy going – The perfect sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle that is modern day life.

You may have heard the Scandinavians are regarded as the happiest people on earth. You may wonder what it is that could possibly influence an entire culture of people to be ‘Happy’. Although I’m sure there are many contributing factors, I do believe there is one word that sums up the Scandinavian psyche and that my friends is “Hygge”. Originally a Norwegian word, “Hygge” (pronounced hue-gah) describes the concept of taking genuine pleasure in the simple things in life. It is a way of life, of being, a cultural expression and an ideal that is so evidently reflected in the Scandi approach to décor and design.

We were recently asked to complete a floor with a ‘Scandinavian Feel’ for a client of ours in Manly. We could not be more pleased with the result. Recycled Baltic Pine Limed and coated with Hardwax Oil in a matte finish, the exposed knots add character and dimension to this lovely wooden floor. We can’t wait to see how it will look once the furniture goes in.

Recycled-Baltic-Pine-Limed-Hardwax-OilAbove & Below: Recycled Baltic Pine Limed and coated with Hardwax Oil in a matte finishRecycled-Baltic-Pine-Limed-Hardwax-Oil (1)