Whittle Waxes and Treatex Products are designed to enhance the natural beauty of timber with non-toxic, eco-friendly finishes that are extremely durable, safe to apply and easy to maintain or repair.

Austral Flooring has happily endorsed Whittle Waxes and Treatex products for many years. We are now also proud stockists of their wide range of products.


Whittle Waxes is among the first of Australian companies dedicated to promoting premium natural oils and waxes for the protection and enhancement of all timber surfaces. Committed to providing the best timber care and protection without having a harmful impact on your health or the environment, all products are based on natural, sustainable raw materials.

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Established as one of the top suppliers of natural wood finishes in the UK, Europe and Australasia, all Treatex finishes are easy to apply, attractive and durable.

Treatex are best known for their high quality Hardwax Oil. Using over 40 years of experience in the timber and wood finishing industries, Treatex Hardwax Oil was developed to be user-friendly, quick-drying, easy to maintain and above all, provide a hard-wearing and attractive finish.

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What are Hardwaxes?

Hardwaxes are highly effective coatings that consist of natural plant oils and waxes that have been used for the protection and enhancement of timber for centuries. The active ingredients are distributed in a carrier medium that evaporates upon application, leaving the waxes to form a protective surface on the timber.

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Products which must be ordered specially from the manufacturer. Please contact us to place an order.


Whittle Waxes TEAK CLEANER

An environmentally-friendly cleaning concentrate, specially developed for teak and similar woods, to clean soiling, algae formation, greying, grease and oil.

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Whittle Waxes TEAK OIL

A natural wood preservative made of resilient, micro fine, weather-resistant, water-soluble resins. Contains pigments, which effectively block UV rays and protect wood from damage.

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Whittle Waxes ANTI SLIP

An anti-slip protection to reduce slipping on any wood, Whittle Waxes Anti-slip works particularly well on pre-treated woods that can become slippery due to moisture, moss, algae or lichen and on mineral surfaces and stairs. Guarantees a highly resistant micro structure surface finish on the absorbent surfaces named above, this product is solvent-free and can be applied on interior and exterior timber and stone.

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Whittle Waxes WOOD FILLER

A clear wood filler solution designed to be mixed with sawdust, to fill cracks in timber and parquet floors. Provides good binding and adhesive strength, quick drying and extreme hardness. Is easy to sand and simple to apply, provides low shrinkage in the joint on drying and is coatable with all Whittle Waxes products

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Whittle Waxes CARE OIL

For renovating and maintaining interior oiled wooden and cork surfaces. Use to maintain all common oil systems

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Whittle Waxes WOOD MAGIC

A care product for all types of timber including teak, yellow-ballau and oak, Whittle Waxes Wood magic protects and cares for the timber from environmental and climatic influences, UV rays, water and dirt.

The solvent-free care emulsion refreshes faded and greyed furniture, restoring the colour as well as re-establishing its water repellent and UV resistant properties.

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Whittle Waxes BANKIRAI OIL

A naturally tinted, non-toxic oil preparation containing micro-fine pigments designed exclusively for UV protection to extend the life of Jarrah, Meranti and Merbeau exterior timbers

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